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Skrunch! Skrunch! Skrunch!
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For relaxing stress relief & fun!

Skrunch is the most effective way to  maintain the health and conditioning of the hand and even fingers allowing flexibility and preventing hand injury. The Micro Base fill provides a more comfortable ergonomic feel and a therapeutic massage for the hands and fingers. The double lining and natural latex material provides extra  durability and prevents breakage.

Skrunch!® is 300g of extra fine micro-base silica crystal wrapped up inside a double skinned, highly durable latex material to ensure a supremely comfortable therapeutic massage for the hand and fingers each time you pick it up.

It’s squidgy, squashy, pulverisable, rollable... you can pull it... drag it... stretch it... dig your fingers into it, firmly, softly, gently, with force or without and we 100% guarantee that, whatever your intention, once you pick up your Skrunch!® you’ll find it very hard to put it back down again!

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